First time poster, need support

Hi, my name is Eden and I'm a first time poster to any community. I know that I can do this diet plan because I want to so badly. I want very badly to lost this excess weight that I carry around for nooooooooo reason and be the thinner more beautiful person I deserve to be.
I'm 24
I'm 5'4...almost ;)
H'W 158....horrible
C'W 139 still way too much
LW 110
G'W 110

For me at 110 I'm a size 2 or 3 so that's what size I want to be. I want to be safely under the size four mark and I'm on my way but need guidance and sisterhood to get me through. I feel like I could do the PA diet with flying colors and although the extremeist in me wants to say 500-550 cals a day instead of up to 900 at times, I know that staying with the program and really allowing it to work will be the most important thing to focus on.
I have lost 20 pounds so far since I first started trying, which is great but to come from being overweight means that I am still damn close to fat...clinically, provably, technically fat....that's not who I am supposed to be!

I had a dream that I met this girl, she was beautiful...she was blond and happy and vivid. She was thin and active and smiled with me and I realized that she was there for me because she was showing me the way. She showed me how to swim to stay in shape and I began to swim faster and more smoothly than ever before. She showed me how to eat and I became thinner and happier than before. Maybe she was my best self, trying to lend a hand to the me that I have let myself become.

Bless everyone
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Name: Carmen :)
Age: 18
Height: 5'5
Highest weight: When I started.. 153.
Current weight: As of last week [I'm on a fast-so i haven't weighed myself] 147
Lowest weight: 130
Goal weight(s):
Nov 20th- 140
Dec 18th- 130
Jan 1st - 125
Feb 14th- 115
April 1st-105
May 14th- 100
[May 14th is the day I go back home, from college]

I'm on the 5th day of my fast today :]
I haven't messed up once & I'm feeling great!

Lemme know if you need any encouragement or if you just wanna talk!

"Motivation starts you; Habit keeps you going"

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Stats XD

LW= 100
GW=? 100 or lower
I did good yesterday in terms of, the way i eat, like i was eating quite alot of food, but yeasterday i manages a bag of croutons and a hot dog. But now i needa start working out calorie intake cos that hot dog will have had....eughhh amounts of crap in.  AND GRRR 132 cals in tht sausage plus a small white bun thats probs 190. But you know what i mean, its like 2 things to eat but they have gay amounts of calories. BAH todays a new day i weighed myself, and im ready to eat tiny cals. you know when you can feel in your body that you are gna do it hopefully XD hope you girls are good, and btw if anyone doesnt play an instrument you well should, i get bored so much but if you learn songs online its well time consuming. hope everyones well, don't overdo it! youre all pretty. :) xxx
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I'm new to this so I'll just do what everyone else does-

Height: 5 ft 7''
Heaviest Weight: erm... 130? Possibly a bit more...
Current Weight: 108lbs (been dieting for 3-5 weeks now, and have lost 11lbs)
Goal Weight: originally 105lbs, but I quite like the look of 100lbs now.

If anyone's got any advice on how to make a family who all love food a horrible amount not notice that you're on a diet, please help!
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hello! im kathryn.
this plan seems perfect for me, so im going to try it. (:

height- 5'7"
cw- 150ish (ughhhh)
hw-160 ewewew
gw1-130 (:
gw2-120 (: (: (:

aim is kathrynx092 (: im looking for texting/ IMing buddiesss (: feel free to ask for my number please!
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No one has posted since December, so to begin with, is this still an active community? Just in case I thought I'd post and introduce myself!

I'm rubbish with intros though!

Height: 5ft 7
Highest weight: 128
Current weight: 116
Lowest weight: 108
Goal weight(s):  100

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OKay Here I am

25 years old
five foot three in height
CW 135
GW 130
GW2 125
UGW 119

I was 147 on October 4rth. Then I weighed myself yesterday and I was 135. Not too shabby, but I'm working on more and faster. I'm starting the ABC plan tomorrow. I get off on fasting just so you know. Anyone need support? I'm here. I'll come around when I need it too. Lately I've needed it alot.

Love all you lovlies.....


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Hey guys!
So in the last .....I dont know 3 weeks I've lost quite a bit of weight. People are starting to notice ( yay) I dont know why though, I seriously cant see it.  haahahaha I guess thats why its anorexia!! Whoooo hoooo lol

Just as an update as to how much I have lost ever since I started hanging out with mia, here is the total amount of weight that I've lost.
1st weighing: 147
2nd weighing: 131
3rd weighing: 125

Total- 22 pounds

So thats about 7.555blahblahblah pounds lost a week.
I know sad right?!?!? lol I'll do better you just wait and see!

Anyways, while I'm at home with my family, what are some ways that I can hide the whole back bones thing. ( you can see my spine and my ribs all the way up my back up to my neck) from my mom????

Whats an easy way to make it look like your eating? ( but of course not swallow ANY of it!!! )

Love you all!!
~think thin~
and one day we will be.